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Originally Posted by MYG2010 View Post
AoA to everyone out there.

@ Khurram Khokhar
Dear I understand the value of Psychological Test and why NAB have taken measure of conducting this test. The post that you referred is not exactly the answer of what is being asked . I inquired a very simple question that how do you say candidates with 70% will be called only and if there is not enough lot of the specified candidates is available then what will they do next ?? the other thing I asked about the NAB's Suitability Clause which is not known to anyone atleast I haven't heard of it before. I guess this is some kind of job profile to which they will match the competency and personality of the candidates.

@ All
Can anybody explain the Suitability Clause of NAB ??
To understand the "Suitability Clause of NAB" we must understand what is Psychology?

The shortest answers found by googling are:

1.The scientific study of the human mind and its functions, esp. those affecting behavior in a given context.
2.The mental characteristics or attitude of a person or group.

But for Personality, following sites may help:

Now based on the Definition of Psychology and Personality one can easily conclude that "Suitability clause of NAB" tells us that it is a highest measure of a candidate's selection criteria in an organization like NAB. This means if one gets a predefined level in the psychological test will be considered for the posts in NAB and others, who have been unable in getting the desired level are NOT-considered (Failed in other words.)

It simple as that.
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