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Originally Posted by MYG2010 View Post
@Dahmash Khan

Dear I am unable to understand whether you are talking about grade wise selection or number wise ? Please tell us what that "reliable person" told you regarding selection
he is an officer at nab peshawar. i usually ask him abt this process and today he told me that candidates will be appointed step by step not all at a time. and this will be a poor decision if they are doing it this way..any 1 else know abt it so plzz make it clear

Originally Posted by Wasiqh View Post
i got a call from nab today. Though I have secured highest marks from KPK for jio yet I am out of the race.

Best of luck to all. Remember me in your prayers.

dude u can sue in this situation.... one of my friend passed commission test for s.d.o posts in c&w engineering and he secured 8th position in that test but he was not called for interview because official result of his badge was not announced at the time when seats were advertised so he sued and now hopefully the court will order in his favor because of his high brotherly i advise u to do the same..nor kho poye ye kana
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