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I want to put a summary of paper, I had yellow book and questions were with this order
English 40
Math 30
IQ, GK 30

In first 8 or 12 questions, you had to find the relation of both the sentences, like if the second sentence is CONTRADICTORY/EXPLANATORY/EXAMPLE/RESTATES/SOLUTION the first sentence.

Then there was a passage, it was about cancer due to sun rays. Like the exposing to sun causes skin cancer etc. It was also in very easy English. 8 questions were asked about it, for example, what is the purpose of writer, what he actually wants, what solution he has put down etc.

The there was another passage from which 3 questions were asked. I found it bit difficult. It was about ART. Like "Art is also form of communication. As words express information, art expresses feelings". three questions were asked about it.

Then there was a passage whose sentences were numbered, I mean passage was divided into sentences. Passage was about smoking and it’s after effects and about the result of partially leaving the smoking. It had some mistakes. Some were grammar mistakes, some were spelling mistakes and some had punctuation mistakes. And sentence by sentence, we were asked to correct down the sentence by finding the right correction from the MCQs. For example, what I remember, in the first question the 1st form of verb was used instead of 3rd. As it was a passive voice sentence. In last question of this section the spelling of elimination were written as “eliminention”. In the second last question began was written instead of begin. This portion had 7 questions almost.

Last portion of English section had 12 questions. In which, in every question, a long sentence was given, and a portion of sentence was underlined and was asked to find the best option that could be used to replace the highlighted section and that substitution should also not disturb the English grammar and other rules. For example its last sentence (question) was like,
In previous times the shoes used to be made from blab bla material. “So no such shoes is available now “. Now we had to find the sentence that can be put in place of "so no such shoes is available". Options were like
That is the reason we don’t have such shoes
We don’t have any shoes due to the same reason
This reason is responsible of not having such shoes in present
kinds of option.

Then there was MATH portion of 30 questions, and it was bit easy in my opinion. Many questions have already been shared, let me do some more what I remember and have not been discussed;

1. If x/5 and x/7 x/10 are simplest forms, what may be the value of x
2. Option were I think 49,35, 100 but the answer was the forth option which I forgot, because if you put x=100, 49, 35, the fraction would not be SIMPLEST

3. If 3a+2b=2a+3b; then what is a=? Now 5a=5b so a=b

4. There was a question in which there were two equations of x and y and was asked what is the value of 2 y. its answer was -4

5. What is the letter that precedes the 13 letter after D

6. If he volume of a cube is 64, what would be it’s surface area. Area of side is 4 as 4*4*4= 64 and area of a side is 4*4=16 so the total surface area of all 6 sides would be 16*6= 96

In the end, there was portion of General Knowledge and it had very General questions, any One who have a little knowledge of surroundings and reads a news paper, could solve this portion easily. Almost all the questions of GK have been shared.

Any one, who is preparing for next test of SBP, should take help from this paper. As in the two different tests of NAB, many questions were repeated. Even today I saw a question which was asked in the test of ABL that which missile, Pakistan has recently tested.
Best of luck to all of you. May Allah bless you all with successes. Just “Long live Pakistan.
Pakistan Zindabad
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