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Originally Posted by mirusama View Post

your name was after khalid's

i was on top of the people who have scored 61. i didn't look under it.
the ones in bold are the names i think i remember to have seen on the list.
subject to being wrong.
i have missed 3 names above myself. i can't seem to remember them all.

@misali, im sure about you though.

you're on no 2... 8 candidates called. 6 boys 2 girls. seats reserved for girl 1. you have. both of you are called for the interview. since one seat is reserved, i think one can pass only.
what you say makes sense, but im not too sure about me being right.

i share all i can here. please don't ask me to do anythign (i can't ask if you've passed or not). i already shared, what i know.
thanks for information n better luck for your future
* about quota seats:: yes i m sure about it, as per rules 10% seats for females means atleast 10% seat are for females however they can compete with boys for remaining 90% seats as well.

please someone correct me if i am wrong.
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