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Originally Posted by Storm View Post
Hmm, I thought you were insisting to know the result of the psychological test. What is this criteria you speak of? I have already stated the problems one would encounter if one sets a passing standard for the psychological test. I assumed that it was the non-publication of the result of the psychological test you had an issue with. So, are you talking about the selection for the interview based on an analysis of the academic record, experience and written marks? If that's the case, I would gladly share how I feel NAB shortlisted the candidates for interview, the candidates who were successful enough to make it through the psychological test. Let me get back to you on this in the evening, okay?

I hope I have not offended you with my comments because people get offended easily.
Exactly, We all know that how shortlisting is made for interviews in different organizations, they even publish how much percentage will be given to which stage. I have no concern with psycho test because I know most of the people will be eliminated in that who don`t know how to handle psycho test. I have concern with shortlisting criterion or merit determinant factors which that are not public.

I am not offended by any statements at all. Not even what mnaqi said about me
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