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Originally Posted by SA Haider View Post
But there is no official guideline. We can now just assume it
This was not ISI or IB test Even they too follow an open procedure than this. There are some influential persons who even get their appointment letter before any test. I am not a rich man yet I earned that too privilege too in National Bank for OG-II but I rejected and I was contented with my private low money job but Halal. That is why I know all such games played by influentials and this is the reason I am key supporter of transparent procedure. That`s good effort that you spared much time to elaborate but such effort should have been made by NAB too. So that no one blames no one and merit prevails.
The test conducted for IB and ISI are worse than that of NAB..... i have gone through both of exams.... they even don't declare the written marks..... only letters issued for psychological and interview after written..... no one knows about the marks of written, psychological and interview..... and IB test conducted in June 2010 their interviews held recently in the start of this month........

On the other hand about National Bank you are very right as i have experienced the same and not only for National Bank but for many other positions...... that is the reason i am struggling since 2009..... but i have complete faith in my ALLAH.... as He is the best planner and will decide best for everyone....

As in Quran: "It is righteousness to be firm and patient in pain or suffering and adversity and throughout all periods of panic." "O ye who believe! Seek help with patient perseverance and prayer, for ALLAH is with those who patiently persevere."
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