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Default Type of Topics in the Essay

Dear friends there are following type of topics in the Essay paper

1. Current affairs
2. Social problems (Like Education, poverty, pollution etc)
3. English Literature or religious topic
4. about a saying by a scholor
5. Economy
Out of these education, economy and Current affiars are the most predictable.
People say that literary essays get good marks. I think they are true but there is one problem with these essys. people do not have much material to write with and there are much more chances to fail in Literary essays. The reason is that your ideas may not go with the examiner and also you may have mistaken the topic.
The most easy are current topics. One is quit familier with the topics as are prepared for current affairs paper as well. One has much to write and all the terminologies used for the topic. As they are related to the Newspapers. You have the style if you copy the newspapers or some good Magazine styles.

Similarly one can prepare facts and figures, nomenclature and current sentences in voyage about economy and education.
I suggest that one should prepare essays related to Current affairs, economy and education.

(Yahya Akhunzada)
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