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Originally Posted by abuzar ghafar View Post
oh no bro talalz u need to get your facts pakistan`s industry is in deteriorate condition..i m a doctor n i m working in private hospital earning 25 thousand per month some of my seniors who are doing post graduation are even working for 14 thousand stipend per month with no other facility,n this is becoz the number of graduates in medical is far exceeding the posts available..same is the case with engineering move out of pakistan is another difficult thing coz u need a lot of cash in ur pockets to do so..n even those who do r unhappy coz money they earn there may look huge enough but they can just afford a normal mediocre life there,,plus ppl there look down upon u bcoz of you being paki,,u have no respect in there in prevailing conditions a large number of medical and engineering students are running 4 css bcause in it you have respect and if u talk of privileges n perks no private sector in pakistan can compare to it..u get house, car , guard, cook so on and same is in focus is so much diverting towards army ,css ,judiciary...private sector has totaly been ruined ..

true for CSS but not so much for army,............... my neighbour a COLONEL and CO of a unit/.............they have just 1 batman and i have never seen an officical vehicle there.........when i compare it to the DPO of aur district (having same scale of colonel) , i cant close my eyes.,,, 6 canal house, 2 squads in protocol always, 2 mobiles always standing in front of his house 24/7 etc etc etc etc...............i think that colonel would have protocol in unit only........correct me if i am wrong on this post.