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Q.5 (A) Change the narration from direct to indirect or indirect to direct speech: (do only five ) extra attempt of any part of the question will not be considerd. (5)

1) “this world, “he decleared” is full of sorrow. Would that I were dead!”
2) he said to me, “come early; we shall be waiting for you.”
3) “how delighted I am, “said he, “to meet my friends here by my own fireside!”
4) the man said that he was quite sure he should succeed.
5) John exclaimed with a sigh that he was ruined.
6) The constable enquired of the man where he was going
7) The boy said that he would walk.
8) “what losses, “cried he, “have I suffered? What anguish have I endured!”

Q5 (B) correct Only five if the following:Extra attempt of any part of the question will not be considered.(5)
1) either of these three umbrellas will suit me.
2) Shall you not take my word in this matter?
3) This poor man was suffering much for a long time past,
4) If he had not died, he would grow up to be a murderer.
5) Neither he nor I are in the wrong
6) It is high time they mend this road
7) I heard him went down the stairs
8) Paper is made of wood.

Q. 6 (A) Use only Five of the Following in sentences which illustrate their meaning:Extra attempt of any part of the question will not be considered (5)

1) To put the lid on
2) Flavour if the mouth
3) Zero hours
4) Gloom and doom
5) To pig out
6) Bag people
7) Compassion fatigue
8) No to mice matters

Q6 (B) Use only five of the following pairs of words in sentence which illustrate their meaning: extra attempt of any part of the question will not be considered. (10)

1) Affluence, effluence
2) Wretch, retch
3) Euphemistic, euphuistic
4) Amoral, immoral
5) Imperial, imperious
6) Degrade, denigrate
7) Temporal, temporary
8) Precipitate, precipitous

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