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Originally Posted by Wamik View Post
It is said that there were people who just didn't join PMS training or in other cases left it incomplete Because they already were doing govt jobs for example Lecturership in public sector university. However, I am not so sure that is why in my previous post I wrote

Anyone who knows for sure:
is the training completed?

What was the exact number of trainees?
how many left the training without completing it and never came back? ( their future as PMS officers)
how many were late joiners?( their names were not present in the original list of appointees but they were from amongst the qualifiers?

I really want to know abt those who had qualified every part of PMS Exam (written, psychological, interview) Yet they were not appointed but wr provided with a letter that stated that " although you have qualified the PMS exam but due to Zonal Allocation and Limited seats, we regret that your name is not going to be recommended for appointment".
I mean they should hv bn appointed in place of those who due to any reason hd left the training, Right???

You know Even today after more than a year, the list of the PMS 2011 written qualifiers is there on the KPPSC website.
1. All the persons who were mentioned in merit list joined PMS training except one(who was quite sure about his selection in CSS but unfortunately luck did not favour him).
2. A person is said qualified when he/she passed written + interview. So all those 330 people were qualified. But now comes to the point what is criteria when a qualified person allocated. So when an qualified person fall on merit, he/she is said to be allocated. So all 330 were qualified, but 79 were allocated.
3. On point of zonal allocation. in case of grade 17, they make block of 24 seats,in which one goes to merit, second to zone, 3rd to zone,4th to zone, and 5th to merit, 6th to zone and so on. source( Manual of secretariat). so in this way merit differs from one zone to another.

Originally Posted by ashar View Post
the pont which wamick made was that there are some people who already working as grade 17 officers in other departments ,and who after qualifying pms ,do not leave their previous jobs and instead prefer their other grade 17 jobs on pms job,especially in kpk and baluchistan .Are there some examples of these cases ?this gives way to another door of discussion ,which is (whether pms iz superior than all other grade 17 permanent jobs,other than css jobs ),like lecturerships,engineers,supervisors of various departments of 17 scale direct recruitment,drug inspectors,veterenery doctors,medical officers,civil judges,lecturers of govt colleges,universities,technical colleges,entamologists,geologists,assistant directors,education officers .accountants etc.please further discuss this point with solid reasons.this is a useful discussion as most of the pms qualified people already have some or the other jobs,several of them are working already as 17 officers on regular basis in other departments.special emphasis on environment of kpk and baluchistan where there is a tough time for pms officers due to law and order situations.thanks
1. all candidates joined PMS(mentioned earlier)
2. No case of regret from any person to join PMS cadre except one
3. PMS is superior over all other jobs in province except judiciary which in personal opinion superior than PMS.
4. We have batch mates who have left thier grade 17 jobs in other departments and joined PMS,even some of my batchmates did not join CSS like,MLCG,POSTAL,RAILWAY, INFORMATION.
5. If you want to enjoy authority, prestige,power, and social recognition, be a part of PMS Cadre,
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