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Default Paper 2

1) Which of the following represent correct sequence?
a) Zygote, fetus, embryo, neonate, infant
b) Zygote, embryo, neonate, fetus, infant
c) Embryo, zygote, fetus, neonate, infant
d) Zygote, embryo, fetus, neonate, infant

2) Maturation refers to development that occurs as a result of:
a) Genetically determined signals
b) Instinctive process
c) Homeostatic imbalances
d) An interaction between biology and environment
e) None of these

3) Which of the following is not one of the aspects of development studied by psychologists?
a) Universal aspects of development
b) Individual differences in development
c) Cultural differences in development
d) Immutable laws of development
e) None of these

4) Which of the following is most likely to lead to high job satisfaction?
a) Matching personality with occupation
b) Promotion practices based on seniority
c) Having an out going personality
d) Working alone
e) None of these

5) Which of the following improves worker skills and reduces frustration and stress?
a) Job training
b) Job analysis
c) Access to an employee assistance program
d) An organizational culture
e) None of these

6) The assessment tools upon which clinicians depends gather information about their clients belong in which of the following categories.
a) Interviews
b) Tests
c) Observations
d) All of these choices
e) None of these

7) Which of the following tests is likely to have the highest reliability?
a) The TAT
b) The Rorschach
c) The MMPI
d) The Draw-a-Person test
e) None of these

8) Clinicians attempting to systematically assess the abnormal behavior of a client will frequently:
a) Rely primarily on personality tests
b) Employ a battery of tests
c) Rely primarily on projective tests
d) Rely primarily on neuropsychological tests
e) None of these

9) The best definition of psychotherapy includes:
a) A sufferer, a healer and a systematic interaction between the two
b) A healer that uncovers unconscious conflicts and heals the personality
c) The removal of symptoms about which the patient complains
d) The use of talking and drugs about which the patient complains
e) None of these

10) Psycho dynamic therapists believe that maladaptive behavior stems from:
a) Disturbed thought patterns
b) Inappropriate learning patterns
c) A failure to live up one’s full potential
d) Emotional trauma experienced in childhood
e) None of these

11) Which of the following therapists make intensive use of role playing?
a) Client-centered therapists
b) Psychoanalytic therapists
c) Existential therapists
d) Gestalt therapists
e) None of these

12) Client-centered therapy is most consistent with the:
a) Behavioral approach
b) Cognitive approach
c) Psychodynamic approach
d) Humanistic approach
e) None of these

13) Illnesses that seem to result from an interaction of physical and psychological factors are called:
a) Hysterical
b) Psychosomatic
c) Somatic
d) Conversion disorders
e) None of these

14) Chromosomal mapping studies have found that:
a) Schizophrenia does not appear to have genetic components
b) Schizophrenia does appear to have a genetic component
c) Adoption studies do not reveal anything about schizophrenia
d) There is a single cause of schizophrenia
e) None of these

15) The leading cause of mind retardation is believed to be:
a) Fetal alcohol syndrome
b) Organic brain syndrome
c) Environmental factors
d) Inherited traits
e) None of these

16) Therapists who focus on altering faulty thought process are:
a) Cognitive therapists
b) Humanistic therapists
c) Biological therapists
d) Psychodynamic therapists
e) None of these

17) In general children who score well on IQ tests have parents who:
a) Pay for tutors and special schools
b) Have very high IQs
c) Punish them if they fail to do it well
d) Spend time with them and actively encourage their development
e) None of these

18) One hallmark of projective tests is that they:
a) Are multiphase
b) Are criterion referenced
c) Require responses to ambiguous stimuli
d) Measure only one trait
e) None of these

19) When psychological tests are used in personal selection, an important concern regarding the tests is:
a) Cost
b) Ease of administration
c) Validity
d) Objectivity
e) None of these

20) A conversion disorder is characterized by:
a) Functional impairment of a limb or sensory ability with no apparent physical cause
b) A constant fear of becoming seriously ill
c) Frequently vague complaints of physical symptoms
d) None of these
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