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Default My Interview Questions

1. You are an Engineer, why do you want to join civil services?
2. You have been a freelance writer ,what did you write about?
3. What did you teach at XYZ ?
4.You have put DMG as your first preference , tell me the qualities of a DMG officer?
5. What about the intellectual level of a Civil Servant? Should it be average, above average or...
6.What is the crisis of Pakistan ?
7.You have put Corruption at number 2, how to evaluate corruption?
8.You think the reports of Transparency International and World Justice Project are reliable?
9.Tell me why is Corruption rampant in the developing world?
10.So, you are saying Corruption doesn't exist in the developed world?
11. In Pakistan we have seen Military as well as Political Governments which one of them in your opinion is more corrupt?
12. What Kind of a civil servant you want to be? (He gave me three categories and I chose the last one)
13.What is Public Interest?
14.What is the methodology you are going to use in public service?
15.You are from Cadet College Larkana? (Iam not)
16.Which Tehsil of Larkana do you belong?
17.What are the problems of your district?
18.Tell me two major crops of Larkana
19 Scope of Mechanical Engineering in Pakistan
20 You mentioned Transparency International in your answers, what about the auditor general's report, you think is it reliable?
21.Second Headquarters of UN (this was the only question where I had to say sorry sir)
22 Your favourite US president
23.You have mentioned Earnest Hemingway's book as your favorite? You know who was Earnest Hemingway?
24.Other books by him
25.Why do you like this book?
26. Youth can be a challenge as well as an opportunity, how can we convert it into an opportunity?
27. At what level counseling should be done?
28. Problems of Labour in Pakistan
29. What are the essentials for a foreign policy?
30. Flaws in Pakistan's Foreign Policy
31. You are saying that we should annoy US on Drone issue?
32.Ok , so you think that Pakistan should focus more on regional level (I didn't think that I explained my point of view in detail )

This is all I could recall now . I hope it helps.
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