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Default here goes mine

i went wit all natural approac..hopefully it ws right approach
.Chirman asif hayat: there is sectarian issue in kurram agency,when tis all started.
Me: sir 2 main causes..afghan jihad(i explained hw it led to extremist views) and iranian revolution(ta way it emboldened shia community there)..etc etc

Asif hayat: wht happened later.
Me: when american forced entered afghaistan,taliban fled to tribal areas and explored sectarian issue for their cause..

Sohail safdar: musharraf decision to join war on terror after 9/11 after call from america ws right or wrong.
Me: sir at tat time tat decision ws rational and according to ground realities.

mansoor Sohail jumped off his seat and said whtttt ws tat rational.

Me: yes sir ,whole world ws on one side behind tat policy so we joined..
Sohail safdar: who ws behind 9/11 incident.
Me: sir there r diff conspiracy theories,bt alqaeeda did tat and got support from taliban's govt and america went after them.

Ghalib: there r sanctuaries of terrorists in north waziristan,shd we go after them.

Me: yes sir as we knw there is international pressure on us and drone strikes cz of these terrorists,,,so we must eliminate primary cause of drones and international pressure...

Najib : it is said tat there wud be 3rd world war,wht u think.

Me: sir we wont hve whole scale war like we had n 1st and 2nd war,,bt we will hve conflict of policies in diff regions(i gave example of russian,chinese and iranian policies in syria,afhanistan and other regions vs western policies).
Than he gave me reference from richard nixon book and said tat he ws ws of ta opinion tat 3rd ww has actually been started in diff regions,,,so u agree wit tis.
I said yes sir..again i refered to policies of diff nations.
Than he said will ta war accur between west and muslim world..
I replied no wud be between different region...eastern and western blocs etc.

mansoor Sohail: wht shd we do in war on terrorism nw when we hve lost 60b dollers.
Me: sir we hve to own tis war,cz they hve killed our 40,000 people and attaching us at our door we must own tis war for our future..we must redine red line,anyone crossing tat must be punished.

Madam qureshi: pakistan has investment friendly policies bt why investors reluctant.
Me: cz of law and order situation(i gve example of mob burning kfc and mcdonald during protest blashpemous movie),,they r nt ready to risk their lives and assets.She said okie i got ur answer..

madam: explain trade nt aid concept.
There were more question bt bhool gayai hai ..
time : 27 mins or so
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