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Default History of the USA Paper 2003




NOTE: Attempt FIVE questions in all, including question No. 8 which is COMPULSORY. All questions carry EQUAL marks. Write clearly.

1. Americans are called ‘a Nation of Nations’ very briefly describe the different waves of immigrants that came to the US. Has America been a ‘melting pot’ or a ‘mixing bowl’?

2. The American Revolution was the child of Enlightenment. Comment.

3. Who were FEDERALISTS? What were their political views and economic vision for the US?

4. American Civil War (1860-65) was a clash of economic interests as well as of Social Ideals. Elaborate.

5. Between 1877 and 1900 the American Society was transformed from being agrarian and rural to being industrial and urban. What factors and forces helped to bring about this change?

6. Write short but analytical notes on any TWO of the following:
(i) POPULSM of the 1890s.
(ii) The Jazz Age.
(iii) McCarthyism
(iv) US War on terrorism

7. The NEW DEAL was to save capitalism but ironically it was denounced by the Capitalist Class. Why?

8. Write only the correct answer in the Answer Book. Do not reproduce the questions.

(1) James Town was founded in:
(a) 1607
(b) 1609
(c) 1611
(d) None of these

(2) Who wrote “The White House Years”?
(a) Monica Lewinsky
(b) Jacky Kennedy
(c) Henry Kissinger
(d) None of these

(3) “I have a dream.” Who delivered this oration?
(a) John F. Kennedy
(b) Rev. Martin Luther King
(c) Bill Clinton
(d) None of these

(4) The Capital of New York State is:
(a) New York
(b) Syracuse
(c) Albany
(d) None of these

(5) Abolitionism was to:
(a) Ban Alcohol
(b) Ban Slavery
(c) Ban Child Labour
(d) None of these

(6) Before Civil War the Principal Crop of the South was:
(a) Tobacco
(b) Cotton
(c) Rice
(d) None of these

(7) Henry Clay was a:
(a) Musician
(b) Businessman
(c) Sportsman
(d) None of these

(8) US entered the Second World War in:
(a) 1939
(b) 1940
(c) 1941
(d) None of these

(9) Gold Rush in California took place in:
(a) 1842
(b) 1849
(c) 1852
(d) None of these

(10) The Civil Right Act was passed in:
(a) 1964
(b) 1965
(c) 1966
(d) None of these

(11) Louis Armstrong was a:
(a) Pianist
(b) Drummer
(c) Trumpeter
(d) None of these

(12) ‘Four Freedoms’ were announced by:
(a) Truman
(b) Wilson
(c) FDR
(d) None of these

(13) Affirmative Action policy is to help:
(a) Whites
(b) Blacks
(c) Women
(d) None of these

(14) Rockefellers made their fortune in:
(a) Oil
(b) Steel
(c) Railroads
(d) None of these

(15) The Liberty Bell is located in:
(a) Washington D.C.
(b) New York
(c) Pennsylvania
(d) None of these

(16) Which state was known as Lone Star Republic?
(a) California
(b) Texas
(c) Ore gone
(d) None of these

(17) MORMONS are settled in:
(a) Nevada
(b) Utah
(c) New Mexico
(d) None of these

(18) BABE RUTH was a:
(a) Priest
(b) Political Agitator
(c) Player
(d) None of these

(19) The total number of British colonies in North America was:
(a) 11
(b) 13
(c) 15
(d) None of these

(20) The Declaration of Independence was written by:
(a) George Washington
(b) Thomas Jefferson
(c) John Adams
(d) None of these
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