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Default you are wrong brother

if the division of quota has been made in order to secure the rights of those candidatdes who live in the backward areas,then the distributions must be made equally at least.but the case is absolutely two friends who live in u.c 4 of district shikarpur(an outside and backward area of the city having no secondary school)have obtained 83 and 79 %marks respectively,but they were shocket to se no vacancy for JST General in their uc.on the contrary,some other UCs,for example UC 6 consists of 2 high school and locates in the richest area of the city,contains 6 seats for JST Gen.
Can u tell me brother,what is their fault?is it that they were habitants of an uneducated society having neither a minister's house nor any high or secondary school?plz...tell me,what is their fault...reply must ! Lets,we raise honestly a voice for pure marit at leat.don't we...?
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