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Default My Interview on 7th of February 2013

I was 9th to enter the Interview Room out of 13 that day

Timing: 24pm to 2:29pm.

Confident with smile on face, I entered the room, said Salam to all n proceeded to the chair.

Chairman asked me to have a seat.

I button off my coat n sat in the chair comfortably.

Chairman asked me general Qs related to my field (textiles).

Then, Chairman asked me about Durand line, ceasefire line n LoC.
I answered correctly with figures like dates n lengths.

He then enquired me about origin of names of these lines.
I again answered him with accurate figures.
(Chairman seemed satisfied).

Then, Nagib Ullah sb asked me why I wanted to join PSP.
I delivered 5 pertinent reasons.

He enquired me about various things regarding Police n I gave my answers with comfort.

He then asked me why I opted Philosophy.
I gave very strong reasons.

He smiled n asked me the philosophy of my life.
I satisfied him on this point.

Then, Mansoor Suhail sb further asked me abt Philosophy n Pak-US Relations.
I answered with facts n added new nominations of Obama in my answer.
(He seemed satisfied too).

Then, Ghalib-ud-Din sb again asked me about Philosophy n US-Hist.
I again played in my strong area.

In the last, Mam Batool asked me about Dr. A Q Khan n Indo-US Nuclear deal.
I answered her to the point n explained to her our national interests in this case.

She asked me a technical point n I answered it pertinently.
(She seemed satisfied too).

Finally, Chairman smiled to me n said "Best of Luck, Have a nice day!"

I reciprocated by saying "Sir, Have a good day too "

He passed smile. I got off my seat, button up my coat n turned to the door.

Overall, I enjoyed the whole activity. Panel was soft-spoken. I listened to them carefully n they, to me . Most of the times, members seemed satisfied with my answers n their body-language n gestures were very positive .

I hope to get good marks. Need ur prayers
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