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i want to share one of my friend's experience,she has got the job in one of the multinational company(i think its will not look nice if i mention the name of that company),then after 3 or 4 days of her job one of her officer said that if u want to go with us then u have to stop covering your head...
she said nothing him and quietly left that job...

i want to ask that was that not a hurdle in her life ??? here one can say that it was the "aazmaaish" from Allah...etc etc no doubt about it but the thing is now a days our society or you can say that this musharaf's ENLIGHTENED MODERATION concept is directing people in the wrong of my friend is studying in AMC(army medical college) and one day she told me that in their last convocation musharaf has said this indirectly that "scarf is not the symbol of modesty..."

sir waqas if i am not wrong that you are MS.c in telecom and i have heard,
in one of the telecom company, it is compulsory for their female employees to wear that three peice suit during presentation round,its a compulsory dress code there...
please,i want all of yours guidance in this regard.

jazakALLAH khair

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