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My interview 07-03-2013. 4 pm Duration 25 minutes.

I was the last one.


Where is ICJ?
What are its functions?
How is its decision implemented?
Where you live now?
why you do not practice law?
why are so many gaps in your education?

2nd Member:
what is problem in Karachi and Quetta?
then questions from my answer as I said Karachi and Quetta have diffrent problems, as my answer was Karach has a culture of violence: political, social and economic issues are resolved through the barrel of gun. then long discussion on that Answer............

3rd Member.
Karachi shall be made a province? Like Gilgit Baltistan and again Kashmir shall be made Province of Pakistan? Siraki province is the demand of people? what you say?
Economic problem of Pakistan the answer again brought slew of questions and finally he asked solutions to economic problems.

4th Member:

Where is HQ of UNESCO?
Judicial Activism?
Removal of PM by SC, what you say?

5th Member:Madam

Election commission of Pakistan?
Its role in transparent election?
why people are protesting against ECP?
How will it implement Article 61 and 62 in letter and Sprite.

The Chairman is a great Man))) Madam is also very nice all other members are very helping, they help very much. I forgot to name Rental Power Project and he Helped me I said " Rental _____ and then he helped to complete the sentence, I said thanks for the favor.

Just be cool)) But waiting is a great trouble as after 5 hours my turn came but they serve tea and biscuit all the day. It was a great experience.
Prejudice is an opinion without judgment. Voltaire my hero
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