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Default My Interview on 05-03-2013

My Interview on 05-03-2013

Chairman: -To which district you belong?
-When it was formed?
-From which district it was formed?
-What benefits people got after new district formation?
-What benefits politicians got from the new district formation?
-How your district has contributed since then?
-Five years ago there was Local Govt system, what were its advantages? Examples of some developments especially in my district and area?
-Now since last five year there has not been any local govt system how do you see this period?
-Which Local Govt system is better? LGS 1979 or 2001? Why?

Member 1 -who is MNA of your constituency?
-He is going to join PML-N, what are your concerns?
-People have elected him and what he has done so far?
-Who was district Nazim of your district?
-How do you see Jatoi family’s politics in the district?
-Their role in development process?
-How do you rate them?
-What are five top problems of Sindh?
-How can we resolve problems of education sector?
-What is the budget allocation for Education?
-What % of GDP it is ?
-If it is less then what % of GDP it should be?
-Do you favour 18th amendment?
-What are its positive aspects?

Madam: -Why people are not raising their voices when they are facing problems and they are not getting their rights?
-Don’t you think that they are scared from the feudal lords and strong dynastic politicians? Some discussion about it.

Member 3:
How do you see Pakistan’s foreign Policy in last 3-4 years?
-What flaws you see in it? And some discussion about it.
-What will be the scenario of Afghanistan after NATO’s withdrawal in 2014?
-How do you see changes in world politics after NATO withdrawal?

Member 4: -What is the possible solution of Kashmir Issue?
-India is not agree to carry out Plebiscite, What should be done?
-Do you know about out of box solution of Kashmir? And details about it.
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