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Default subject selection

madam iffat I need your guidance regarding subject selection,

for css 2013 i had

constitutional law
international relations

i am confused about the following subjects

constitutional law (low scoring i got to know later about it ,but i have almost covered it )
international relations (again low soring )

constitutional law(covered yet low scoring) + public administration (govt servant so a bit experience of it) be a good choice

psychology (interesting ,doing it from scratch,medical sort of a thing but i am an engineer and naive in it ) ,would it help instead of constitutional law and IR

our PMS is to be held in may or june KPK,please give a thoughtful advise ,i am a bit confuse, should i change subjects for PMS as less time is there left but certainly i would change subjects for 2014 css .Kindly give advise considering both the exams
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