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@Duaa( but also for general purposes)

Your views are a sober expession of a sense of outrage at the hypocritical sexist morality made by the male-dominated so-called moral-world.But it is the hard-core fact that majority of the sapiens are self-centred chauvinists:chauvinists of their sex,of their culture,of their relilgion and more broadly of their respective civilization.Very few of them are aware of the fact that how much their conception of morality is based on mere habit at the animal level( read close to instinct level) it is very little based on rationality which is the due reason if any human has right to feel superior to other animals.

Here moral codes are based on strange principles:one gender inherently superior to other,etc., how much this is scientific? woman is the sole carrier of sense of honour( if she is seen by someone,it should be a matter of declaration of war among still tribal mindsets(forgive my diabolic exaggeration just perceive my sense of disgust from this all world cultural scenario).

West,too,has its sets of bigoted approaches,we here the followers of a religion interpreted centuries ago nursing notions that everything is final for this great progressive religion have locked it into prison-house of orthodoxy to which Altaf Hali refers as a majlis jahaan batti hae naa diya which cannot truly enlighten the darkhouse of souls,,,whither and whence ijtihad?Neither West is ready to accommodate this Hijab culture neither we are ready to baptize their so-called natural and liberal morality.

The problem is that each human race takes itself morally superior and rational to what is utterly a progressive sequence of instinct morality that I am the fittest.

Coming out of larger humanistic self-pity I say that in reality and experience women are suffering because of men either they are hijab-wearing or not but this morally superior male comes forward to impose more restrictions in the name of religion or culture or civilization.

Tailpiece: I do not intend to hurt the vein of religiosity of any one;if, however, any one wants substantiation of any point I can refer to examples.

Yasser Chattha
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