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Originally Posted by ashar View Post
my post reply was not for someone to take it on itself instead i am much grieved on this system where merit is ignored which should be the criteria which does not require to be written in some rules,but which is a universal principle everywhere.the point of discussion which u think was that i am against pms.not at all it is not as u have point was that these days a lot of precious minds having some extra ordinary qualities like researchers,scientists,professionals,accountants like chartered accountants ,engineers and even some doctors spend all their time and energies to get an administrative post after acquiring such a difficult and precious skills which they have studied in their fields which have nothing to do with pms posts,these posts require just the people who have done studies in art subjects.because in Pakistan the bureaucracy and all these administrative and Secretariat jobs are just meant for passing bills and checks and processing departmental cases and looking after government properties as well as celebrating national days and presiding ceremonies.whereas science students and professionals should work hard in their own field,they should try to make their concepts towards discovering new things and inventing new formulas .which just requires a little bit of machinery and only requires your interest and command on your professional degrees and your scientific knowledge.because after all all the inventions are made by the humans in their libraries ,laboratories in their research if someone has a professional degree and he iz jobless then he should still work day and night in his own field with the intentions to discover something,if we will do this i am sure you definitely will get a lot of fame,success,recognition and money and will also get self satisfaction by working in your own field,where u get opportunity to work in the field in which you have spend so many years during your studies.this is the only point which is the cause of such a wonderful progress of the western nations,and this is the only point through which we can save our country by preventing it from falling into energy crises and all other type of crises if we do not develop our own expertise and scientists.i am not undermining administrative posts,they have their own importance but perhaps they don't require such a skillful people which i have mentioned,they only require a typical mindset.
Not to be serious, that was some really inspirational story. I've had 3 internships in the last one and a half years and still i wasn't able to get a job in private sector except offer of another internship. The truth is CSS/PMS is the only place where ability/skill/ hard work counts. In private sector, you're required to have a reference before they even consider your CV. Now don't tell me that patience is a key or strive towards excellence. Yeh sab filmi batain hain.
As for doing research on your own, i would just ask you what's the average salary in our country? You need money for this and i don't think what we can earn in Pakistan is enough for us to have part-time hobbies that might lead to some inventions.

P.S. In our country, you need to have experience to get more experience Let Iffat share her experiences and please don't divert the discussion from its path. It would be very kind of you if you'd start a new thread for discussing these things.
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