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Default My Interview

My interview went pretty smooth Alhumdullilah. The panel was quite friendly, especially the Chairman. the duration was around 22 minutes. they asked me the following questions:

he asked me about my educational background briefly and then asked what did I do after my graduation. I replied that I was doing free-lance writing. then he asked me about my free-lance writing in detail. this consumed a long time. After that he asked me the reasons to opt for my first group preference.

Q. asked me about Badami Bagh and Abbass town Incident.
Q. asked what did these incidents reflect and where is our society headed?
Q. asked ways how to curb this situation.

Q. asked me what were the two most important stats related to economy which required our attention?
Q. what is Pakistan's budget deficit?in monetary terms.
Q. how much is Pakistan's external debt?
Q. the relation between external debt and budget deficit.
Q. any ruler (either military or civilian) whose economic policies were sound according to you. Why?
Q. Why has FDI eroded?
Q. why was FDI so forthcoming during Musharraf's era?

Q. what is Coalition Support Fund?
Q. what was the latest amount dispatched to Pakistan under CSF?
Q. what is the next amount to be dispatched under CSF?
Q. will Pakistan get this next amount under CSF? Why or why not?
Q. latest IMF loan given to Pakistan. why was it terminated mid-way?
Q. will Pakistan need to knock at IMF's door to get another loan? why or why not?
Q. what was the amount of the last loan given to Pakistan by IMF?

Q. in our government schools education is imparted in Urdu while at the governmental level English is the official language of the business. how would you defend this?
then some similar questions related to this opinion based question.

That's it!
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