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Default Chemical formula - Synonyms

AgCl3Cu2 - dicopper silver trichloride

AgClO3 -
silver chlorate

AgClO4 -
silver perchlorate

AgF -
silver fluoride

AgF2 -
silver difluoride

AgI -
silver iodide

AgIO3 -
silver iodate

AgMnO4 -
silver permanganate

AgN3 -
silver azide

AgNO3 -
silver nitrate

Ag2O -
silver oxide

silver fulminate

silver thiocyanate

Ag2C2 -
silver acetylide

Ag2CO3 -
silver(I) carbonate

Ag2C2O4 -
silver oxalate

Ag2Cl2 -
disilver(II) dichloride

Ag2CrO4 -
silver chromate

Ag2Cr2O7 -
silver dichromate

Ag2F -
silver subfluoride

Ag2MoO4 -
silver molybdate

Ag2O -
silver(I) oxide

Ag2S -
silver sulfide

Ag2SO4 -
silver sulfate

Ag2SeO3 -
silver selenite

Ag2SeO4 -
silver selenate

Ag2Te -
silver(I) telluride

Ag3Br2 -
silver dibromide

Ag3Br3 -
silver tribromide

Ag3Cl3 -
trisilver(III) trichloride

Ag3I3 -
silver(III) triiodide

Ag3PO4 -
silver phosphate

AlBO -
aluminium boron oxide

AlBO2 -
aluminium borate

AlBr -
aluminium monobromide

AlBr3 -
aluminium tribromide

AlCl -
aluminium monochloride

AlClF -
aluminium chloride fluoride

AlClF2 -
aluminium chloride fluoride

AlClO -
aluminium chloride oxide

AlCl2 -
aluminium chloride

AlCl2F -
aluminium chloride fluoride

AlCl3 -
aluminium trichloride

AlCl4Cs -
aluminium caesium tetrachloride

AlCl4K -
potassium tetrachloroaluminate

AlCl4Na -
sodium tetrachloroaluminate

AlCl4Rb -
aluminium rubidium tetrachloride

AlCl6K3 -
potassium hexachloroaluminate

AlCl6Na3 -
sodium hexachloroaluminate

AlF -
aluminium monofluoride

AlFO -
aluminium monofluoride monoxide

AlF2 -
aluminium difluoride

AlF2O -
aluminium difluoride oxide

AlF3 -
aluminium trifluoride

AlF4K -
potassium tetrafluoroaluminate

AlF4Li -
lithium tetrafluoroaluminate

AlF6K3 -
potassium hexafluoraluminate

AlF6Li3 -
lithium hexafluoroaluminate

AlF6Na3 -

AlGaInP -
aluminium-gallium-indium phosphide

Al(OH)3 -
aluminium hydroxide

AlI -
aluminium monoiodide

AlI3 -
aluminum triiodide

AlLiO2 -
lithium aluminate

AlN -
aluminium nitride

Al(NO3)3 -
aluminium nitrate

AlNaO2 -
sodium aluminate

AlO -
aluminium monoxide

AlOSi -
aluminium silicon monoxide

AlO2 -
aluminium oxide

AlP -
aluminium monophosphide

Al2S3 -
aluminium sulfide

AlTe -
aluminium monotelluride

AlTe2 -
monoaluminium ditelluride

Al2BeO4 -
beryllium aluminium oxide

Al2Br6 -
dialuminium hexabromide

Al2Cl9K3 -
potassium aluminium chloride

Al2CoO4 -
cobalt blue

Al2F6 -
aluminium fluoride

Al2I6 -
aluminium iodide

Al2MgO4 -
magnesium aluminium oxide

Al2O -
dialuminium monoxide

Al2O2 -
dialuminium dioxide

Al2O3 -
aluminium oxide

Al2O5Si -
aluminium silicate

Al2O5Si -
aluminium silicate

Al2O5Si -

Al2O7Si2 -
aluminium silicate

Al2S -
dialuminium monosulfide

Al2S3 -
aluminium sulfide

Al2Se -
dialuminium selenide

Al2Te -
dialuminium telluride

Al3F14Na5 -

Al6BeO10 -
beryllium aluminium oxide

Al6O13Si2 -

ArClF -
argon chloride fluoride

ArClH -
argon chloride hydride

ArFH -
argon fluoride hydride

AsBrO -
arsenic oxybromide

AsBr3 -
arsenic tribromide

AsClO -
arsenic monoxide monochloride

AsCl3 -
arsenic trichloride

AsCl3O -
arsenic oxychloride

AsCl4F -
arsenic tetrachloride fluoride

AsF3 -
arsenic trifluoride

AsF5 -
arsenic pentafluoride

AsH3 -

AsI3 -
arsenic triiodide

AsO -
arsenic monoxide

AsO2 -
arsenic dioxide

AsP -
arsenic monophosphide

AsP3 -
arsenic triphosphide

AsTl -
thallium arsenide

As2I4 -
arsenic diiodide

As2O3 -
arsenic trioxide

As2P2 -
arsenic diphosphide

As2O5 -
arsenic pentaoxide

As2S4 -
arsenic tetrasulfide

As2S5 -
arsenic pentasulfide

As2Se -
arsenic hemiselenide

As2Se3 -
arsenic triselenide

As2Se5 -
arsenic pentaselenide

As3O4 -
arsenic tetraoxide

As3P -
arsenic(III) phosphide

As4O3 -
tetraarsenic trioxide

As4O5 -
tetraarsenic pentaoxide

As4S3 -
tetraarsenic trisulfide

As4S4 -
tetraarsenic tetrasulfide

AuBO -
gold monoboride monoxide

AuBr -
gold bromide

AuBr3 -
gold tribromide

AuCN -
gold cyanide

AuCl -
gold chloride

AuCl3 -
gold trichloride

AuF3 -
gold trifluoride

AuI -
gold iodide

AuI3 -
gold triodide

Au(OH)3 -
gold hydroxide

AuTe -
gold telluride

Au2O3 -
gold trioxide

Au2S -
gold sulfide

Au2S3 -
gold trisulfide

Au2(SeO4)3 -
gold triselenate

Au2Se3 -
gold triselenide

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