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BAs - boron arsenide

BAsO4 -
boron(III) arsenate

BBr3 -
boron tribromide

BCl3 -
boron trichloride

BF3 -
boron trifluoride

BI3 -
boron iodide

BN -
boron nitride

B(OH)3 -
boric acid

BP -
boron(III) phosphide

BPO4 -
boron(III) orthophosphate

B2Cl4 -
boron chloride

B2F4 -
boron fluoride

B2H6 -
boron hydride

B2O3 -
boron(III) oxide

B2S3 -
boron sulfide

B3N3H6 -

B4C -
boron carbide

Ba(AlO2)2 -
barium aluminate

Ba(AsO3)2 -
barium arsenite

Ba(AsO4)2 -
barium arsenate

BaB6 -
barium hexaboride

Ba(BrO3)2H2O -
barium bromate - monohydrate

Ba(BrO3)22H2O -
barium bromate - dihydrate

BaBr2 -
barium bromide

Ba(CHO2)2 -
barium formate

Ba(CN)2 -
barium cyanide

Ba(C2H3O2)2 -
barium acetate

BaC2O4 -
barium oxalate

BaC4 -
barium carbide

BaCO3 -
barium carbonate (witherite)

Ba(ClO4)2 -
barium perchlorate

BaCl2 -
barium chloride

BaCrO4 -
barium chromate [barium chromate(VI)]

BaF2 -
barium fluoride

BaFeSi4O10 -

BaHgI4 -
barium tetraiodomercurate(II)

- barium iodide

BaK2(CrO4)2 -
barium potassium chromate

BaMnO4 -
barium manganate

Ba(MnO4)2 -
barium permanganate

BaMoO4 -
barium molybdate

BaN6 -
barium azide

Ba(NO2)2 -
barium nitrite

Ba(NO3)2 -
barium nitrate

Ba(NbO3)2 -
barium niobate

BaNb2O6 -
barium metaniobate

BaO -
barium oxide

Ba(OH)2 -
barium hydroxide

BaO2 -
barium dioxide

Ba(PO3)2 -
barium metaphosphate

BaS -
barium sulfide

Ba(SCN)2 -
barium thiocyanate

BaS2O3 -
barium thiosulfate

BaSiF6 -
barium hexafluorosilicate

BaSO3 -
barium sulfite

BaSO4 -
barium sulfate

BaSe -
barium selenide

BaSeO3 -
barium selenite

BaSeO4 -
barium selenate

BaSiO3 -
barium metasilicate

BaSi2 -
barium silicide

BaSi2O5 -
barium disilicate

BaSn3 -
barium stannate

BaTeO3 -
barium tellurite

BaTeO43H2O -
barium tellurate - trihydrate

BaTiO3 -
barium titanate

BaU2O7 -
barium uranium oxide

BaWO4 -
barium tungstate

BaZrO3 -
barium zirconate

Ba2Na(NbO3)5 -
barium sodium niobate

Ba2P2O7 -
barium pyrophosphate

Ba2V2O7 -
barium pyrovanadate

Ba2XeO6 -
barium perxenate

Ba3(CrO4)2 -
barium chromate(V)

Ba3N2 -
barium nitride

Ba3(PO4)2 -
barium orthophosphate

Ba3(VO4)2 -
barium orthovandate

BeB2 -
beryllium boride

Be(BH4)2 -
beryllium borohydride

BeBr2 -
beryllium bromide

Be(CHO2)2 -
beryllium formate

Be(C2H3O2)2 -
beryllium acetate

Be(C5H7O2)2 -
beryllium acetylacetonate

BeCl2 -
beryllium chloride

BeF2 -
beryllium fluoride

BeI2 -
beryllium iodide

BeO -
beryllium oxide (bromellite)

Be(OH)2 -
beryllium hydroxide

BeS -
beryllium sulfide

BeSO4 -
beryllium sulfate

Be2C -
beryllium carbide

Be3N2 -
beryllium nitride

BiBO3 -
bismuth(III) orthoborate

BiBr3 -
bismuth(III) bromide

Bi(C2H3O2)3 -
bismuth(III) acetate

BiC6H5O7 -
bismuth(III) citrate

BiCl3 -
bismuth(III) chloride

BiF3 -
bismuth(III) fluoride

BiI3 -
bismuth(III) iodide

Bi(NO3)35H2O -
bismuth(III) nitrate - pentahydrate

BiOCl -
bismuth(III) oxychloride

BiOI -
bismuth(III) oxyiodide

(BiO)2CO3 -
bismuth oxycarbonate

BiPO4 -
bismuth(III) orthophosphate

Bi(VO3)5 -
bismuth(III) metavanadate

Bi2Se3 -
bismuth(III) selenide (bismuth selenide)

Bi2(MoO4)3 -
bismuth(III) molybdate

Bi2O3 -
bismuth(III) oxide

Bi2S3 -
bismuth(III) sulfide (bismuthinite)

Bi2Se3 -
bismuth(III) selenide

BrCl -
bromine chloride

BrO3 −
bromate ion

Br2 -
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