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Default my interview

11th of april
Time 25mins

Chairman:your name is m sadam hussain
Yes sir

C:you have done electrical engineering from uet lhr
Yes sir

What r u doing now a days?
Sir,i am not doing anything.
You havnt done anything after ur engineering
..many people spend important years of their life while doing nothing
Sir,i have spent whole time while preparing 4 boosted my knowledge and I am confident of my success.

Geography is one of your optionals..lets talk abt islamic countries in africa.
I told
What abt nigeria..?
Sir,christians and muslims live over there.
Who is in majority?
What abt south africa?
I told

Naguib sb.
I ll ask two questions...give me the detailed analysis of the dismissal of pm gillani.
I told.
Was it a good decision,a bad one or a landmark decision?
I said:it was a landmark decision..gave arguments in its support.
What abt the immunity of pm
Sir, under article 248 president has immunity not pm
supremacy of law or judiciary, which one is better?
Me:supremacy of law and explained it.
Naguib sb: asked abt book and writer
I told

Sohail sb.
Compare and contrast the developments during 1980s and 1970s.
I told 8 to 10 points
Okay..come to 1950s
Name one good and one bad development of 1950s
I told

What r the problems of pak?
I explained.
What abt civil services reforms?
I told

All thanked me..chairman wished me 4 future.
I thanked all 4 members and left.

In addition to these question..there were also small discussions.
Plan with attitude ,prepare with aptitude,participate with servitude,receive with gratitude.
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