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Default Interview

This is the interview of one of my friend. Kindly comment.

Q. Mr xxxxx
A. Yes
Q. Mechanical Engr
A. Yes
Q. What are you doing now a days.
A Sir I am serving in SNGPL as a Metering Engineer.
Q. What are your job responsibilities?
A. Sir I am incharge of maintenance section where I am perform duties of repairing and theft detection of meters.
Q. What types of thefts are generally reported.
A. Use of magnets, holes, bypass etc…..
Q. What is the performance of your Lab.
A. Sir 90% cases are detected.
Q. if it is so then why losses are growing day by day?
A. Sir our higher management is struggling hard to control the losses, that’s why we are able to contain the losses to 11% whereas losses of Power distribution companies are more than 20%.
Q. What is the recent issue of SNGPL in the news.
A. Sir it is related to Unaccounted for Gas. Our companies’ stance with ogra is that UFG benchmark should be 7%, whereas, OGRA decision is 4.5%. This issue is in litigation this time. This stand point accounts for some ground realities like poor law and order situation etc.
Q. What is the international benchmark?
A. Sir it is 2%.
Thank you Mr.

2nd Member.

1. What is sublime quran and Orientalism about?
A. It is related to misconceptions about quran in the Western society and intelligentsia who are called orientalists. The writer’s aim is to eradicate these misconceptions.
Q. Who is the writer of this book.
A. Muhammad Khalifa he belongs to Egypt……….
Q. have you read Harun Yahya.
A. Yes
Q. Have you read Quran with translation
A. partially.
Q. Okay. Why do you want to join Police?
A. Sir I got inspiration from my father who was a soldier.
Q. what is the relation of Police although both are uniform person jobs.
A. sir, in police one has to serve the public that’s the second reason.
Q. What change you would bring in the police.
A. sir I would make it more disciplined. And I would introduce technology in the field E-governance, forensic science, security devices etc.
Q. But Mr Police is already a disciplined department and it has all the technologies.
A. sir let me share with you the example of PAFIS and PROMIS. Yet these systems are installed in the limited places in Lahore etc. there is a lot of space for improvement still.
Q. No.. these systems are installed everywhere.
A. ( he was intentionally grilling me and checking my temperament. I avoided all the way entering into any useless debate so I kept quite intentionally).
Thank you Mr.

3rd Member

Q. what is the difference between Press note, Press release and handouts.
A. Sorry sir.
Q. Have you read media policy in the constitution.
A. I have read access to information to the public clause in 18th amendment but not media policy.
Q. Okay what changes should be brought in Foreign policy?.
A. Sir, we should give more importance to our economic imperatives rather than strategic imperatives as China has done despite having a lot of disputes with neighbouring countries like Japan, Vietnam etc. it has build its economic first. So Pakistan needs to reform its policy in case of india and Afghanistan.
Secondly, we should pursue public diplomacy to soften up our image in the world as india is doing through its movies, dramas, and social media.
Q. What is the strength of Pakistan?
A. geostrategic location of the country.
Q. What other?
A. Pakistan is a part of Muslim countries.
Q. being Muslim country is also a drawback?
A. Yes sir. It is double edged sword, the issues in Palestine Kashmir, Myammar affects Pakistan.

4th Member

Q. What is the function of PAC.
A. it has oversight on the annual expenditure of the government. It primarily relies upon the findings or report of Auditor general.
Q. Do you think GDP of Pakistan is fine?
A. No sir if we compare it with Turkey’s GDP which is 800 b dollar whereas pakistan’s is 200 b dollar, then it is not fine. Both counties and similar potential and size.
Q. What is the recent target for GDP growth set by IMF for Pakistan?
A. sorry
Q. What is the target of GDP growth set by Pakistan
A. 5 %.
Q. what is GDP growth of pakistan
A. about 3.5%

5th member

Q. you have mentioned general Yahya as responsible for dismemberment of Pakistan. Who else was responsible.
Sir dictatorship is responsible for it, due to overcentralization done in President’s Ayub era. For example, revenue share of East Pakistan was dropped to 24% while its population was 56%. Secondly, Demands of Mujib ur rehman must have been given due consideration as today we are holding talks with Baloch leadership.
Q. what is difference between East Pakistan and Baluchistan?
A. physical separation, population dynamics.
Thank you.
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