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Originally Posted by Tassawur View Post
Thanks for appreciation. I tried to answer , the way I myself wanted to be answered two years ago. In my post I have mentioned the book. However , here again I mention the books.
For Paper I. P. C Thomas 's British History.
It is a very nice book covers the syllabus of both papers comprehensively. The content , language and analysis in it are up to the standard of the demand of CSS examiner. Particularly , it is good for Paper I.
Paper I. P. C Thomas 's book which I mentioned above plus Book of British History by Norman Lowe or by Southgates. Both of these are good. P. C Thomas lacks some topics in last portion which these books cover nicely. Either if these two is good. There come 2 or 3 questions now a days from post world war period for which one needs to follow either of these two as P. C. Thomas does not provide the solution.
As well as the preparation of objectives portion of this subject is concerned , past papers objectives get repeated very often. I have solved past papers objective of British History Pares I & II since 2000 here.

I have just bought a book for British history named "Mastering modern British History by Norman Lowe" for paper II. It has 31 chapters and now I am confused how to cover the complete book. Can you guide me that whether we need to read it fully or we can prepare specific chapters? If so let me know about the most important chapter so that I may prepare it well. I am looking forward for an early response from you.
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