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Default All About Green Tea

All About Green Tea

Green tea is largely cultivated and used in China and Japan. In olden days, green tea was not given much importance, but now scientific researches reveal that green tea is rich in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidant, etc. Thus it has so many health benefits.

Helps in preventing tooth decay
Green tea contains fluoride to make teeth healthier and prevents tooth decay.

Weight loss
Green tea proves to be helpful in the break down of the body fat and lowers down the cholesterol level. Thus it helps a large extent in weight loss.

Slows down the aging process
It contains anti-oxidants which slows down the aging process and makes one look fresh and young.

Protection against maladies
It kills the cancer cells which may grow any time. Green tea is reported to provide protection against strokes and heart diseases.

Strengthens the immune system
It is said to be beneficial in strengthening the immune system whose deficiency leads to various maladies.

Helps reducing depression
In today's world, depression is the problem being faced by most of the people. Depression and headaches can be reduced by the use of green tea.

Side effects
Till now, scientific researches have found only one disadvantage of green tea i.e. it contains caffeine. However, its ratio in green tea is way less than coffee and it is the reason that green tea has now become very popular among people.
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