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Originally Posted by Imaan Khan View Post
Pardon my ignorance sir, i couldn't understand the chart.
firstly, No of probationers in 36th common less than 195, 37th common approximately 348, 38th common approximately 240 what does this actually mean? if you could explain to me alittle?
Secondly, what does the highlighted spaces ( blue n red) indicate?
There were 195 or less than 195 members/CSPs in 36th common training programme, 348 CSPs in 37th CTP, 240 IN 38th CTP. After passing CSS and allocation, all the selected candidates go through training in civil Services Academy which is known as Common Training Programme OR CTP. This data has been compiled from the information obtained from three batches at CSA and shows the scoring trend of different optional subjects.
Blue and red box simply indicate high scoring subjects.
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