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Originally Posted by Farrah Zafar View Post
Magazine Journalism

--In indopak Sub continent journalism started in 1780 from the birth of a weekly newspaper "Bengal Gazette".
--More than 800 magazines are published in pak
--Internationally acknowledged magazines have circulations in millions
--Reader's digest(20 millions)
--Times(3 million)
--Newsweek(4 million)


--special interest(includes religious,sports,entertainment)
--society magazine
--digest magazine
--professional magazine

Success of a Magazine is based upon;

Ronald Wolseleyn says in "understanding Magazine"

--Purpose of the magazine
--Market for the magazine
--Standard of living of the potential readers
--Educational and cultural level of the potential readers
--Competitors in the field and their formula
--Tested formulas whether existing formulas have worked
--Climate of of opinion of the public generally and how it might react to the proposed magazine
--The financial horizon or limits set on the formula by the financial condition of the magazine owners.
(if you are bad at cramming like me,you may use these points by writing in paragraph form in your own words)

Reasons behind Failure of a Magazine;

Harlon Logan,a former publisher's consultant in an article "Tomorrow's News Magazines"

--Lack of editorial reasons for existence
--Lack of clearly defined editorial pattern
--Lack of advertising reason for existence
--Lack of realistic budget projections
--Lack of realistic schedule of time required to gain either reader or advertising acceptance
--Lack of knowledge of the magazine filed in general and of the specific competition.
--Lack of accurate information about the persona;which is hired to produce the new magazine

Purpose of Pictures in a Magazine

--To enhance the text in order that the meaning may be clearer,and the reader more interested
--To provide additional information
--To establish a mood
--To dress up a page

Magazine Readership

10% of national population

Functions of a Magazine

--To entertain
--To inform
--To comment
--To advertise

Magazines in Pakistan

--Phool,Nau-Nehal,Taleem O tarbeeat(for children)
--Khawateen digest,Shuaa,Pakeeza(for women)
--Akhbar i Jahan,Family
--Urdu Dijest,Sayyara


--It is shaping the public opinions
--womens digests are awaking awareness,educating morally and unveiling the social issues
Magazine journalism needs professional and sincere leadership

(In short ap is portion mein gappen mar saktay hain)
I will keep posting one by one

My sister kindly send me notes of journalism specially in points or outlines.Like you did with magazine journalism topic.My email is



Your brotheer

Zohaib Khan Babar
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