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Arrow Belief in revealed Books

Belief in revealed Books
 Introduction
 Four prominent Books & their Importance in light of the Quran
 Revealed Sahifas
 General important
 Conclusion
Belief in revealed books is one of the postulates of Iman-e-Mufasil, and it forms an integral part of faith Allah sent Prophets one after another, and with some of the prophets, he sent down scriptures and Sahifas (Booklets). So, I many Muslims does not believe in revealed books he will be no longer in the fold of Islam all of the revealed books were free from the instinct of doubt at the time when they were revealed for the first time But later on, slowly and gradually those books were changed except Quran Allah did not hold himself accountable for the distortion of revealed book, for instance: Torah, Zabur, Injil, etc other than the Quran As Allah says in the Quran:
“This (Quran) is the scripture or book where off there is no doubt, and it is guidance for those who fear Allah”
Amongst all the revealed books and Sahifas, four are very prominent:
Four prominent books and their importance in light of the Quran:
These four prominent books are: The Torah, The Zabur, The Injil and The Quran. Bellow is given their pithy description and their appearances in the Quran:
(i) “Torah” is an Arabic word which means “The law”. It was revealed on Hazrat Musa (A.S), and in the Quran, it is mentioned as “Furqan” which means discriminator of right from wrong. Allah mentions it in the following style:
“We gave Musa (A.S) and Aaron (A.S) the discriminator (Furqan) and gave them light and reminder for the Books” (21:48)
By this way, Allah Almighty has raised the importance of afore-said Book.
(ii) Secondly “Zabur”, it is an Arabic word which is derived from “Zimr” that means psalm (The holy poems or song). And it was revealed on Hazrat David (Dawood) (A.S). Allah also declares the revelation of psalm (Zabur) in the Quran, as;
“To David (Dawood), we gave psalm (Zabur)”
And now let’s move towards the third-one:
(iii) “Injil”: It is derived from Greek language, and is translated in English as “Gospel”, the word “Gospel” literally means “the teaching of Jesus Christ”. And it was revealed on Hazrat Isa (A.S). Allah mentions it at many places in the Quran. As;
“We sent after them Jesus, the son of Mary, and bestowed on him the Gospel”
And at another places the Quran mentions;
“He will teach him the scripture and wisdom, and the torah and the Gospel.”
And now let’s move towards the last one:
(iv) The Quran: the word “ Qura’an” is derived from an Arabic word “Quraa” which stands for “to read or recite” or “something which is continuously recited” .It is the leader and chief of all revealed Books, and It was revealed also on “Syed-ul-Anbiya” means the leader and chief of all the Prophets. Moreover after the revelation of the Quran, no anymore revelations were made, and after Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W), too, no any prophet was sent. Viewed from Islamic angle,”the Quran is seal of revelations” and “Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) is seal of Prophets”. Besides, Allah Almighty mentions its revelation in the following way;
“He (Allah) has revealed unto you (Mohammad) the scripture with truth.”
The value and importance of The Quran is so high that Allah Almighty Himself has taken up the responsibility of its protection. The skeptics, atheists, hypocrites and unbelievers made all possible efforts to distort it but all of them unsucceeded in doing so, and the Quran is intact in its originality till today.
In all afore-said four Books, Allah Almighty has told the ways to lead the people forth from darkness to light. And the “justice” is repeatedly emphasized in all of them as Allah declares in the Quran;
“We have sent Prophets and have sent down with them the Books in order to establish justice between people.”
Other three Books except The Quran are not worthy to be believed at today because they have been largely distorted; their followers have replaced unfavourable things with favourable ones even till today such distortion is implemented. Including the knowledge of prominent Books, it is also important to know about “The Sahifas” which were revealed before four sacred scriptures:
Revealed Sahifas:
Many Sahifas were revealed on different Prophets. Having created Hazrat Adam (A.S), Allah did not talk to him directly but that process took place in the form of Sahifas. Sahifas were booklets that Allah used to reveal on His Prophets so that they may guide themselves and their people. The Sahifas are so infinite in number that it is difficult rather impossible to know their exact number. In addition, the said Sahifas were revealed on Hazrat Adam (A.S), Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S), Hazrat Sheesh (A.S), Hazrat Idrees (A.S), and on many others. It was brief description of Sahifas. And now let’s have an eye on general importance of “belief in revealed Books”.
General Importance:
As compare to other religions, Islam has received infinity of the divine revelations and they are in the form of prominent scriptures and Sahifas. Time and again from Hazrat Adam (A.S) to Hazrat Mohammad (S.A.W) Allah Almighty had guided all His Prophets through sacred Books and Sahifas; and it incumbent upon every Muslim to have firm belief in them. Apart from it, sometimes it is said that to believe in all revealed Books and Sahifas is a stupid act because they are believed to have largely distorted from their original form, and it is right to say so. If such is the situation with, then one should collectively say that I believe in all revealed Books of Allah Almighty no matter now whether they have been distorted or not. And in other respects, rests of the religions of the world have got very limited revelations. Such as, in Hinduism, Hidus believe “Veid” as revealed book of their lord. And the other books of Hinduism have been written by their religious leaders and scholars, those written books are also believed to be the sacred scriptures of their religion. Whereas in Islam, no such written books are considered to be sacred. Thus Islam has excelled in importance in comparison of other religions of the world. And look at the gist of above-mentioned comments.
Having review of above perspectives, it is concluded that belief in revealed Books is a corner-stone of our Iman. If it is removed from our Iman, our Iman will become like a chair without legs. Allah Almighty has raised the importance of revealed Books so substantially that if any Muslim does not believe in them, he will be out of the circle of Islam. And further more their importance can also be experienced from the verses of the Holy Quran. And generally the foregoing belief is at the peak of importance. In short, there should be firm belief in the revealed Books and Sahifas on the part of Muslims.

“Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.”(Napoleon Bonaparte)
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