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Default Regarding Notes

Dear Seniors!

I have a problem for preparing notes. I dont know exactly how to create notes. I read on different topics but cant able to make notes. What should write in the notes and what's not. Let's take a example, today i read on Pakistan relations with Soviet Union, should i make notes point wise or quote in paragraphs in my own words from the book. But i wonder that in examination, shall i have enough time to read all these.
One thing i want to ask from Senior's members, how they revise in examination. Sometime we have problem in our notes too, that we dont get the actual point or relevant background of a particular point. how they overcome this thing in Exams preparation. Should they reverse to the Books from where they made notes.
Secondly, if i read thoroughly on any topic such as Pakistan realtion with Soviet and make notes of it. Now i put aside this and work on other topics or regularly revise previous notes too. Or no need to revise them regularly, we can update ourself in examination. Please share ur experience.
Please reply this, it will help me alot as there are many ambiguities regarding notes to me. I dont want to creat junk of notes so that when the day arrive i caught myself in my own net. how to make notes viable and how to reproduce best from them.

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