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in css notes r mandatory...ur own notes...two papers in one day need notes bcuz second paper of css ends at 5 o clock one doesnt have time to give a final look to subject...

how 2 prepare notes:

there r 2 types of memory, 1 is short term n 2 long term... there r certain things in ur mind which r in long term section of ur brain that is u dont forget that thing for example pakistan created on 14 august we dont forget this date bcuz it is in our long term memory ( did u get my point )...

when u make notes..u will come across number of things which is in ur long term memory n at the same time certain things will be in ur short term memory which u often write down only those things which r in ur short term memory...n revise only these things before the day of paper...

apply this technique in every subject...
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