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Jolie Dame will become famous soon enoughJolie Dame will become famous soon enough

1, How Much Surah The Quran Contains,

A,124 B,109 C,114, D,220

2,the Nisab Of Zakat In Gold Is;

A,18 Tolas B,24,tolas C,7 Tolas D,35 Tolas

3,a Verse Of The Holy Quran Indicates The Name Of;

A,hazrat Usman B,hazrat Muaaz C,hazrat Saad D,hazrat Zaid

4, A Muslim Female Is Coffined In;

A,eight Sheets B,five Sheets C,one Sheet D,ten Sheets

5,the Original Name Of Imam Bukhari Is.

A,saeed B.hatem B,ali B.zaid C,ismail D,muhammad Bin Ismail

6,makka Was Conquered In.

A,5 A.h B,10 A.h C,2 A.h D,8 A.h

7,qurbani (holy Slaugtering)is Made During Hajj At"

A,arafat B,mina C,muzdalifa D,safa

8,jami-quran Is Taken For;

A,hazrat Ali B,hazrat Saad C,hazrat Usman D,hazrat Masood

9, Pious-caliphate Lasted For About;

A,eighteen Years B,twenty Years C,thirty Years D,five Years

10,gathering On Arafat During Hajj Is Made On:

A,9th Zil Hajjah B,3rd Ramazan C,2nd Safar D,18 Shawal
We say unto it:Be. And it is (Quran 16:40)
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