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Default Jounalism notes 17

Ethics and Media

Media has always got a great attraction for people. Since its evolution it has been performing its duty of entertaining as well as guiding people. Weather it is print media or electronic media people always tries to adopt its importance in their daily life.
With the evolution 0f print media people had a great thirst for it. They take it as their foremost source of information. Hence media start playing three main roles which are as follows.
• Information
• Entertainment
• Guidance

With the addition of features and columns and magazines people’s interest was enhanced and they started idealizing the writers. They take their writings as for their guidance.
Observing that much importance of media, there should be some limitations set for it. So that writers cant go beyond the ethics. Their writings and publications should be checked and controlled.
For that matter certain laws to regulate media were formulated to keep a check on it. Hence a code of ethics was formulated for print media which is to be obeyed by the publishers.

Then with the gain in popularity of electronic media again there was a need to put a check on it. So different regulatory committees were made to regulate a code for them. So with the passage of time many codes were formulated and applied for them.
By now a proper and complete code of principles is been set for whole media. but still there is another debate of freedom of media due to which changes keep on happening in these4 principles.
Sources of Ethics
There are certain sources of ethics. These sources include those persons, places or people which affect our lives at different stages and thus help us in developing and adopting our ethics.
These sources are as follows.
• Parents
• Peer groups
• Educational institutions
• Teen Age [school level]
• Adult Age [higher studies]
• Observations & Experiences
• Society
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