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Originally Posted by waqasishtiaq
Sir a big round of applause for ur post on info grp...sir kindly tell me the full form of PRO officer..(sorry for my ignorance).......secondly sir i had a genral question regarding CSS ...sir ..i have heard that after CTP and STp...officers are usually posted in districts which are very far fom their home town...except in FSP where u live most of ur life all grps u have to live away frm ur frns and family in some small districts there any grp in which we cud get recruited in our home town say for example in Lhr.....or atleast in some big cities like ISB and KHI?? ( though my question is very weird in nature...but i am still expecting a reply frm ur side)
Thankx in Anticipation.
@ Dear bro Waqas
Sir, as per my knowledge, PRO stands for "Public Relations Officer". +as far as your second question is concerned; What I know is that in Information, Postal and Railways group; usually one is posted in big cities(or at least Divisional HQ's etc.).
Also, as per my knowledge, postings in home district is a rare practice in any form of govt service (either Military or Civil service- i.e. in Pak Army if you're a commissioned officer you get at the most one posting at your home district ---except on deputation for sm specific task or sm GHQ assignment etc. or the case may be ; and I believe it may also be the common practice of Civil Service except in special cases etc.)

Noman !
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