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Unhappy please argue about this outline! is it able to get pass

free speech should have limitations
1. Introduction

2. Forums of free speech and its impact
i- use of loudspeaker for the hate speech in mosques and sectarianism
ii- free speech on social media (facebook, twitter..)
iii- free speech at public gathering ( killing of Bashir Bilour at a gathering)
iv- through newspapers ( caricatures in dutch newspaper)
3. Consequences of free speech
i- Institutional disharmony (politics vs Supreme Court, Babar Awan scenario)
ii-provincial disharmony ( hate speech of political leaders against each othe, Kalabagh dam as an example)
iii- Interfaith disharmony ( inocence of muslims and killing of american diplomated in Libya)
iv- Disintegration at family level (even families are divided... etc)
4. Suggestions (amendments in national laws of each country, defined limitations on free speech in UN's civil and political rights) and free speech on particular forums only ( as parliament in Pakistan)
5. Conclusion ( free speech should be ducted by strict laws... because there is freedom of speech only not freedom to offend...)
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