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Originally Posted by googlechrome View Post
I found that outline too good. But the thing is I am naive in this essay field. I wrote a paragraph. Please please some one check it and criticize so that I can improve.
Name of Essay "Over Population"
"World population:
World population means the total number of human beings living on the globe of earth. World population has risen up to an unprecedented level. This over population is molesting the status of human lives on earth. Approximately all of the social and economical problems stem from this irreversible natural but controllable process. A looming catastrophe in the form of overpopulation is in the way. Extra population is causing more wastage of resources that could have been used for the improvement of human development index. Extra population is consuming food, energy, and all other resources. Extra population is creating social problems in turn with drop down in standard of life. Population must be controlled with law and through temptation, as it has been done in China, and is being done in India. Both China and India were on the verge of population explosion. They have adopted policies which are proving promising hence for, in case of China. Today world is standing at seven billion of population. Population increase at any time is proportional to the present population at that stage. This means a simple thing: time rate of change of population will increase with time.

Your paragraph envisages that you are striving for the best! keep it up and do more, do more, do more..... you need (sincerely) a lot of improvement particularly in expression and grammer.... statistical data is needed as well for further make-up of your expression (if you are going to attempt a statistic and fact based topic)....topics are not usually so simple like your one... there will be a topic in which you might be asked TO THNK OUT OF THE BOX!!!
Best of luck!

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