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Old Saturday, September 14, 2013
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Originally Posted by asmaslam View Post
i have seen all these notes. in first two topics i am unable to figure out which topic is defining which question of syllabus ?? can u plz help me in this regard ?
I don't know what is your background which made you choose for URDU.actutally the two topics that you are asking is about the History and Orgins of Language. As with every language, paper of Urdu is based not only on literature but only lingustics,History and Evolution of Language as well...
If you go through the past papers you'll see some typical questions regarding the Lingustics like in 2013 you can see that paper 1 has question number 2 purely based on history,features and different evolutionary process through which Urdu has to pass.

IN 2012, the same Q#2 of Paper 1 is as this
Q.2: Mandarja zel unwanaat men se, kisi 2 per mukhtasar magar jamay jwab tehreer kijiay. (10+10=20)

i. Urdu Adab men,Tareekh Naweesi k bunyadi asool.
ii. Halqa e Arbaab e Zauq k qayam k aghraz o maqaasid.
iii. Jadeed Urdu Nasar k asloob men Sir Sayyad Ahmad Khan ka kirdaar.
iv. Khatoot e Ghalib ki khasoosiyaat.

Now you can see that all this comes under the heading of "Tareekh" and "Features" of urdu language...For that you really need to have a grip on the ups and downs that urdu saw through Ages.several books like that of Dr. Saleem and Amjad Ali Shakir can help you through this....

I hope you understood what i wanted to say and just in case you didn't, then let me and i'll be more than happy to help you...
God Bless you
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