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Originally Posted by shary16 View Post
great werewolf, everyone set to go to csa in oct...
and would you be kind enough to highlight the reasons for which you love this group as there are people who do not have much information about this group. Even i consider this group a fine one and wana know your opinion.
i consider this department the one of its kind, good things:

1. your career starts in islamabad and for most part of it you live in islamabad which means that you don't have to face transfers from one city to another which not only disturb your family life but also your children's education.

2. you don't have to face the enraged public for all the bad things done by corrupt politians and other similar things (like DMG and PSP people face).

3. you have much time to give to your family unlike PSP etc.

4. you don't have much authority which means you don't have to face political pressure + you are immune to much accountability, and this also keeps your conscience satisfied.

5. you serve at federal secretariat which is the engine of federal government.

6. to live in islamabad is much much better than to live in any other part of the country.

7. you are not abused by public behind your back; and you are a clean person.

8. fast promotion, much exposure, horizontal mobility, foreign trips etc..

In the end i would say that depending upon everyone's personal priorities, SELF SATISFACTION IS THE BEST SATISFACTION.
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