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Originally Posted by aminshah101 View Post
Lols . Not really. Instead of ironic, I would say its destiny. I revised it to 9th . Had CTG got a few seats, MLCG a few more seats in Punjab or had I worked harder, I might have been landed into either of them. But.... luck factor .

I like to have a diversified job which also includes field postings. I perceive that OMG falls short of such expectations. have taken my attempt of 2013 and praying that this O is replaced by D in that

That's cool to know that we are in same Cadre. In Sha Allah we will meet in October 2013 at CSA .
sir, everything happens for good. believe me, me too wrote omg as my 6th priority, but at that time i didn't know much about it. my papers too went well and i was much sure about getting allocated in anyone of my top 3 priorities, but unfortunately my british history papers got punished severely.. this mishap made me fall to omg, after this i did some home work and came to know about OMG, and trust me, i am 100 % satisfied with it, rather i thank God for punishing my British History... haha, its like blessing in disguise

Originally Posted by MrsBukhari View Post
is OMG convenient for married women?

Plus is there any way to avoid stay in islamabad and instead stay in lahore ?
it is an awesome group for married women because in this group you don't have much to worry about and after your working hours you are totally free, you can enjoy your holidays with your family + you can have 1 permanent address (as no transfers from city to city). even in case of deputation, you stay in one place for 3 to 5 years. thats great!

as far as your 2nd question is concerned, according to best of my knowledge, you have to start your career in islamabad whatsoever. but afterwards, you can get posted to punjab secretariat in Lahore, or even in other public firms based in Lahore. Females get much relaxation in this regard.
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