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Post 2. Is communication a reciprocal process? Comment in detail.

CE-2013 - Q2. Is communication a reciprocal process? Comment in detail.


Communications is the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and information from one person to another. The word communication contains all procedures in which one mind can effect the another. This process not only contains the written and oral speeches but pictorial arts, facial expressions, gestures, postures and other behaviors which can effect the minds of human beings.

- Important Types of Communication:

1-Verbal communication
2-Non-verbal communication
3-inter-Personal communication
4-intra-personal communication
5-extra-personal communication
6- one way communication
7- two way communication

Nature of Communication:
Communication process can be one way process or the two way process.
In one way process of communication information can be transferred form one party to another . It does not contain the acknowledgement, feedback or response.

In two way communication process information are exchanged not only from sender to receiver but key information are exchanged from receiver to sender too in the form of acknowledgement, feedback and response.

Is communication is the reciprocal process?
reciprocal process :
yes communication is the reciprocal process . Reciprocal communication is the effective communication process. It is the two way process of communication in which both the parties sender and receiver exchange the key information to one another.
In reciprocal process of communication two or more people communicate in reciprocal way. It is in contrast to the way in which only one party is able to express itself such as T.V and Radio broadcast.
It is the great range of communication which allows verbal and non verbal communication.

1-Face to face communication:
Best example of the reciprocal communication is the face to face communication. Face to face communication occurs when two are more people gather together within a space and talk to each others like delivering of lectures in schools, colleges, and universities etc is the reciprocal ,two way process of communication. Business meetings in which conversations are made for making business decisions, is the reciprocal process of communication. in our daily life we see the people who are engaged in day to day activities and communicate in reciprocal way.

2-Non-face to face communication:
on the telephone and cell phone two people talk to one and anther. similarly on internet online chat rooms people communicate .these all communication are the two and reciprocal process.
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