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Originally Posted by Abrahm Lincoln View Post
Never never never never never give up (from the CE 2013 reconducted in Faisalabad)


1. Introduction and Contention

Consistency, perseverance, patience and self-belief are the prerequisites of conquering over any problem and crisis. An individual can pull the mountains down and perform a herculian task if he or she has the courage of not giving up. However, majority of people after sustaining a bit of pressure, give up, which is a behavior for one to be highly concerned about.

2. Examples from political history
(Z.A Bhutto's signing of Simla Agreement 1972 while facing a highly hostile government in a grave post-war situation)
(Passage of 13th amendment - Emancipation Proclamation - in the United States' constitution by Abrahm Lincoln in 1863 which was highly opposed in by the congressmen)

3. Success stories from history of science
(Thomas Edison's invetion of bulb after failing 99 times)
(Aeroplane invetion by Right Brothers etc.)

4. References from human evolution history
(Some important facts from cave-dwelling to the modern age)

5. Examples from animals' behavior
(Stroy of King Bruce and Spider can be quoted)

6. Those who lack consistent behavior

7. Causes of inconsistent attitude
a. Inability to sustain pressure
b. Losing hope
c. Self disbelief
d. Misinterpreting situation

8. Attaining consistent behavior
a. Triumph over situation
b. Taking the companions' consent
c. Avoiding panic
d. Exploring the options
e. Deciding on options
f. Relaxing to overcome stress

9. Conclusion

Seniors please take a look a comment on the outline
My outlines" Never never never give up"
1.You cannot achieve anything in you life in one attempt or without pouring required effort.
2.If you are going through hell, keep going on.
3.There r so many examples in the history.
4.Life is challenging , but this is what make it interesting.
5.Many of life's failure are people who died not realizing how closely they were to success when they give up.
6.Winston Churchill speech 1941
7.MacArthur commander of Us army highly praised personality in the world history because of his perseverance.
8.Trust in God.
9.Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.
10.Never accept defeat even never think of it.
11.Stick to your goal and never stop trying.
12.Just keep in mind the saying of Paulo Coehlo (writer of Alchemist)"When you want something in your life the whole world conspires to help you achieve that"
This is my outline I know its not up to the par.But this was my first attempt and I just jotted down my thoughts over the subject . it needs correction and proofreading.This type of essays are difficult to comprehend, its quite challenging to handle them and make them impressive or parhnay k qabil css k level or standard k mutabiq.Nevertheless it was interesting.
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