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Default Result and result threads--Only for Miss Last Island please


Please let me share with you my personal experience about 'result and result threads'. It was in 2011, when first time I got interested in 'result and result threads'. In that year forum administration allowed to discuss result but only in one thread. I don't remember original title of the thread; it was later on re-titled as 'rumors factory'. Thread got thousands of views (definitely the result awaiting students were browsing it again and again). I don't know what their feelings were. For me, it was exciting and motivating to see anxiety of aspirants; it was fun to see senior members making fake claims. That thread made ronaq on forum. We (me, my roommates and friends) loved that thread and visited it innumerable times. I think the thread was deleted after the announcement of result (not sure).

Then there came Sep 2012. This time I was also in the category of result awaiting students. And this time my approach toward result and result threads was quite different. And yes, this time, approach of forum administration toward result was also different. Result threads were not allowed. Even then there were threads. Almost 6 or 7 new threads every day. Rumors still managed to make their way but there was no discussion over rumors. I was online almost all the time, checking if there was any new thread about result. Hence getting the latest 'rumor'. It was very exciting to know something about result. It was exciting to see a result thread. It was exciting to see anxiety of other aspirants. 'You are not alone' the idea was soothing. Here the most important point is, though I listened to rumors yet somewhere deep, in my hearts of heart, I knew that no one knew anything about result.

Well, now, 2013... I am again in the same category but this time with very different approach. Result is no more a subject of anxiety. In fact, looks like, result doesn't matter much. Approach of forum administration is the same as that was in 2012. However, number of new result threads depicts that the approach of forum members has somewhat changed. There are far less result threads this year as compare to their number in 2012.

In short, this time there is No 'ronaq'. The special ‘ronaq’ that used to be hallmark of result. Earlier, we used to use one simple rule to predict result, ‘the more the ‘ronaq’, the nearer the result.

2011-- forum pe aaty hi pehla khial aata tha..
'Bachoo ka result aany wala hay'

2013-- Forum pe aa k tou lagta hi nahi k result aany wala hay :P
Result seems to become a boring subject

I personally believe that a thread like 'rumors factory' should be there. In that thread, members should be allowed to make as many claims as they wish to. They should be at complete freedom to spread as many rumors as they want to. And yes, members should be allowed to ask innumerable times the same old, a million dollar question
'Result kab aa raha hay---any idea??'
Yes, in order to maintain the decorum of cssforum, the thread could be deleted after result.

After all forum pe aa k lagna tou chahiy k result aany wala hay
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