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Originally Posted by Last Island View Post
We are not convinced. It only makes our job more difficult. We have to keep check on every post. Many people suffered short ban only because of scuffles in those result thread. Members make a mixture of English and Roman Urdu post; net speak is all around. After effects of such threads is always disastrous. Members are almost oblivious of every rule. They continue to post in net speak. Their non-serious attitude remains active. We become restless and have to spend additional hours on forum to remove all the junk. For you it is "fun", but for us it is a "headache", a "pain in the neck".
It is really hard to convince the 'royal queen of literature'

Well, you are not just in saying
'It only makes our job more difficult.'
In fact it sounds more like..
'Though it facilitates members (in emotional terms) yet it makes our job more difficult.'

I do understand the issues like short ban, members getting personal, use of net speak, abusive language, hate speech etc.. These issues can be tackled by making some responsible, senior and of course result awaiting members as 'temporary moderators' with 'limited powers' (eligible to edit and delete posts only in one particular thread, fixed for result). I am sure they would be more than happy to welcome this responsibility.

But.... I fear, I don't have any suggestion to tackle the legacy of the result thread
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