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dear Uzma Khan your efforts are really remarkable and need to be appreciated but here i would like to say something, kindly do not post that kind of bookish material because these essays have been extracted from some books surely inspite of these you should post your own essays which you have written by your pen. just pasting the materials of book here is not enough or posting the essays of Col. Zahoor does not mean here that these essays will enable the students to write that type of essays because in examination hall one does not have sufficient time to memorize or to reproduce that kind of essays owing to this attempting an essay will be very difficult. being a student of essay i would like to request you kindly post the techniques how to write an essay? how to frame a good outline? how to make an effective introductry paragraph and conclusion? because outline,an introductory paragraph and concluding paragraph are thought to be the most important parts of an essay. most importantly, you should tell the students how to do time management during an essay paper?. Hope you will pay due attention on these feedbacks.
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