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Default urgent help needed from seniors/experienced only!

Assalam o alaikum!
i'm css-2014 aspirant but because of certain private/family based issues, i almost have wasted an ample time of about an year, reserved for css-2014 attempt, in dealing with those.
Now my position is as under:
(1) i've not much time to pass it even putting my level best effort (my qualification is msc ).
(2) my age is 25 years 6 months so if i missed exam this time then i'll be left with two attempts only, provided i could not get govt job in next six, seven months or so to claim age relaxation.
(3) most confusing and silly thought for me is: if i failed in screening test for css-2015 then i'm gone; so, it's better to consume this chance to have some experience and let luck be given a chance too.
(4) i'ld go/ 'ld not go!! don't know where to go?
i do not say i'm borne for css and will die if could not get through it; but losing this battle will amount to face something serious and probably known only to me.

what should one do in these circumstances?
seniors, please guide me urgently in the best of your capacity, if possible!
thanks in advance
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