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When did Quid-e-Azam take oath as first Governor General of Pakistan? 15th Aug 1947
Who became first Prime Minister of Pakistan? Liaquat Ali Khan
Collectively how many Governor Generals ruled over Pakistan? 4
When did Pakistan become member of United Nations? 30th Aug 1947
Which country opposed Pakistan's membership in United Nations? Afghanistan
Who was last Governor General of Pakistan? Iskander Mirza
Which country was paid an official visit by the first Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1950? America
Which country accepted Pakistan first? Iran
When Liaquat Ali Khan was assasinated? 16th Oct 1951
Who became second Prime Minister of Pakistan? Khwaja Nazimuddin
When Quad-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah was died? 11th Sept 1948
Who became second Governor General of Pakistan? Khwaja Nazimuddin
When India as grieved party appeared before the Security Council?April 1948
Which headwork’s of canals irrigating Pakistani areas were unlawfully given to India? Madhopur and Ferozpur
When India cut off Pakistan’s water supply without notice? April 1948
In which year a formal treaty of water was signed between India and Pakistan? 1960
Under whose auspices water treaty was signed? World Bank
Among the following which pact with India was signed by Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan? Liaquat Nehru Pact (8 April 1950)
After the war of 1965 which pact was signed between India and Pakistan? Tashkant Pact
Who called upon indian and Pakistani leaders to sign the pact? Henry Kosygin
From India who participated the Tashkant Declaration? Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri
Who represented Pakistan in Tashkant Meeting? Gen. Ayub Khan
When Tashkant Agreement was signed? January 1966
Who participated Tashkant Pact as the Foreign Minister of Pakistan? Mr. Z.A. Bhutto
When PPP was established? December 1967
When Gen Ayub Khan resigned from his President ship? 25th March 1969
Who became President of Pakistan after Ayub Khan? Gen. Yahya Khan
In which year Gen. Yahya held General Elections in the country? 1970
Which incident took place in 1971 which provided India chance to attack on Pakistan? Indian drama of hijacking their own plane
What was the name of Indian plane that was hijacked? Ganga
When India launched war against Pakistan? 21st November 1971
When Gen. Yahya Khan resigned from his President ship? 20th December 1971
When Mr. Z.A. Bhutto became the Prime Minister of Pakistan? 14th August 1973
Which of the following was the first step taken by Mr. Bhutto for Economic Development? Nationalization of Industries
After war of 1971 which agreement was signed between India and Pakistan? Simla Pact
When the Simla Accord was signed? July 1972
Due to successful Foreign Policy of Mr. Bhutto, which important event took place in Pakistan? 2nd Islamic Summit Conference
When 2nd Islamic Summit Conference was held? February 1974
How many Heads of Islamic countries participated 2nd Islamic Summit Conference? 40
What major issue was resolved by Pakistan in 2nd Islamic Summit Conference? Accepted Bangladesh
When Mr. Bhutto was arrested after Elections of 1977? July 1977
Who imposed third Martial Law on Pakistan? Gen. Zia-ul-Haque
When Mr. Bhutto was sentenced to get death punishment? 4th April 1979
When Gen. Zia held the referendum in the country? December 1984
In which year Mr. Mohammad Khan Junejo was appointed as Prime Minister? 1984
Among the following which law was introduced by Ayub Khan? Family laws
Among following what was introduced by Gen. Zia? Hudood Ordinance
When a C-130 plane carrying Gen. Zia crashed near Bahawalpur? 17th August 1988
Who became President of Pakistan after Gen. Zia? Mr. Ghulam Ishaque Khan
When the Elections to the National and Provincial Assemblies were held in 1988? November 1988
When Benazir Government was dismissed by G.I. Khan on various charges? 6th August 1990
When Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal was established? 1992
When Mrs. Benazir Bhutto became Prime Minister for second term? October 1993
What was the duration of second term of Benazir Government? 1993-1996
During Nawaz Sharif’s second tenure when Pakistan became Nuclear Power? 28th May 1998
What do we call the day when Pakistan became Nuclear Power? Yoam-e-Takbeer
Which post Gen. Musharraf secured after taking over? Chief Executive
Which of following event took place between India and Pakistan in Musharraf’s era? Agra Summit
When Gen. Musharraf held referendum? April 30, 2002
When first General Elections were held by Gen. Musharraf? October 10, 2002
Who became Prime Minister of Pakistan after 2002 Elections? Mr. Mir Zafarullah Jamali
When Gen. Musharraf left his office as Army Chief? 20th November 2007
When Gen. Musharraf resigned from President ship? 18th August 2008
when Mrs. Benazir Bhutto was assassinated? 27th December 2007
when Gen. Musharraf held second General Elections in Pakistan? 18th February 2008
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