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1. Indo Pak History (200)
2. Muslim Law (200)
3. Sociology (100)
4. Public Administration (100)

This combination would bless you with great marks this year
Indo-Pak History: This year the trend of marks will most probably be increasing. Chose this subject only if can write in detail, don't cram! Work out on the analogies.
Sociology: This one is ever high scoring. Make a smart plan. Please consult Naveed Bhutto's posts on Sociology section. He has made good study plan there
Public Administration: Suggested you by keeping in view your academic background. However, it also demands you an equal serious study

1. Take it easy
2. Stay away from IR, and European History
3. You can replace Indo-Pak History with Psychology. Psychology is easy and scoring
4. Complete 'Optionals' first and pack these 600 Marks latest by the end of December
5. Don't panic, pray five times

Good Luck!
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